The Denver library – a place to be

I am definitely crazy about books. Back in my home country – Bulgaria, I have a book club. You can see it here. So no wonder everywhere I go I visit the public library.

I was pretty impressed by the one in NYC when i went this summer. They had their outdoor lounge reading area, a huge white board where you can recommend a book and leave your name, book swap and employees circling around to help and answer questions.

I recommended “The Fountainhead” by A.Rand. I would not classify it as a beach read, but it is still a must read!

I had a very nice experience meeting Garrett Robinson who writes poems and had his first (as far as I remember) book published as well as one of his poems being a part of a musical. So he bent down on his knees and sang the poem for me. People gathered around watching us and clapping. What a typical New York’ day!

No doubts that the NYPL is amazing both inside and outside but what I personally did not like were the crowds everywhere. So you can not really read peacefully and enjoy  because most of the areas are crowded and you should wait in lines (not big ones, but still) to check out or check in books.

I am now in Denver, Colorado and my favourite place to be is the Denver Public Library. 

First of all, it is huge. It has seven floors and it is all so spacious.


They have an enormous “Movies and Music” collection as well as almost every book you can think of. But what impressed me the most was the digital collection they have. You can download all the audio and e-books on all of your devices no matter where you are. You just need a library card. They would expire after 30 days like a normal book, but you could always renew them.KOMP

Another great thing is the “Book club” where different book discussions and events are held.


I am not done yet! There is a computer lab where technology classes are held everyday as well as language and writing classes and tons of events for the kids. You can even use their 3D printers and take lessons if you do not know how are they used.

What impressed me the most is their policy for the homeless people which are seeking shelter there. They have two social workers who work with them and as a result some of them started working in the library and another one wrote a book! 

KNIGThere are a lot of reading areas where you can read, write, work or just observe life. And this is the last book I read with the catchy title – “Don’t look back we’re not going that way!” Autobiography by Marcia Wallace. A very sincere and profound book, but still easy to read.


So I do not look back, but forward to the next library I am going to visit.

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