A cup of hot chocolate

A cup of hot chocolate is sometimes enough to make your day sweeter and your heart warmer. Me and my boyfriend decided to get an extra cup of it every time we walk around so we can share it with a homeless person.

Most of the time they thank us or they just take it, or they say they would prefer something stronger. Today we met Steve and we gave him our cup of chocolate.

-There you go – a cup of hot chocolate so you get warmer.

-Thank you guys. I really appreciate that. I have something for you as well.

-No, no. We are fine. Thank you.

-No, listen. It is a recipe. You go to King Kullen and you get the best ribs they have. Then you get some potatoes and vegetables as well and you cook them in a crock pot for at least 8 hours.

-Sounds delicious. We will try it for sure. Thank you!

-And then I have one more thing for you. A bottle of champagne so your girlfriend won’t be bored while you are cooking. A guy gave it to me but I do not drink. Take it. It is really nice champagne. And thank you for the hot chocolate again!


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