Fit me in the USA


Train and Travel, the USA, by Ivelina Kirilova @ Stylish Toast

The biggest fear.

Different kinds of fear exists in a woman’s mind.

There are many kinds of fear in women’s mind. For example divorce, fear of no longer being attractive, change and etc. In my opinion the biggest fear is gaining weight. It can be difficult, terrible, or the moment you realize that such beautiful things as motherhood can also affect your weight gain.

The first experience

Two years ago one of my dreams came true – going and living in the USA. Alas, I did not know the other side of the coin. America, the queen of the fast food. I gained 6 kilograms. I remember when I sent a photo of me to a friend of mine and he was shocked. His words were: “Ouu somebody is eating a lot of fast food?” It was true. Together with my friend we were eating all the time a lot of junk and a lot of chocolate, because of our work, and because of this boring place Whitefish, Montana. For example the shiny apples, plums, tomatoes, the sweet bread, hamburgers, frozen food and candies for 2 or 3 dollars. Yeah, fast, fake and fluffy stuff! My body looked like a pear and my soul cried every time when I looked in the mirror. So my first “date” with the US was horrible.

Summer 2013

The Problem

The big problem comes from the food. We are guilty too, of course. But do you know that at least one out of four people in the US eats some type of fast food every day? Do you know that sugars, carbohydrates and fats are the key sources for weight gain? Ask somebody else and you will see the truth. Many people around you consume burgers, donuts, pizza on a daily basis, right? 31% of the American people eat more packaged food than fresh food and prefer the car seat than the table. I know, it is easy, but is many, many times unhealthier and toxic.


The second experience

Last summer I was on the road again. This time the state was different – Massachusetts. The city – Provincetown, crazy and full with homosexuals. Anyway. This time I told myself that I will be trying to be fit and skinny. Before the States I read a lot about American food, how to eat healthy, and what kind of food to buy. I did a research on diets, how to exercise and muscle building. The last month in Bulgaria, I started training, eating healthier, drinking smoothies and managed to lose kilograms. I was preparing myself and my body for America. My mind was thinking about the fear of gaining weight. My biggest challenge was working in a candy shop with a lot of sugar stuffs. Twenty kinds of fudge (thanks God, that I do not like fudge), milk and dark chocolate peanut butter cups, delicious truffles and etc. These candies were in front of my eyes every single day. But I was as hard as a stone.


Fit me in the US

First of all, I am not a dietitian or a personal trainer. I am Ivelina, 23 years old, ordinary person such like you. I have been into sports since I was a little girl, but not in professional sports. I have done jogging, swimming and yoga. I will tell you my secret, it is really simple, but you need motivation, punch and strong will.

  1. More sleep and less stress

Many of the international students are in the US to work painfully a lot just to save more money. But all the time they think about the money, not about their health. Some of them tend to deal with emotional problems by eating, because food works well as a sedative. Please do not do this never or go to bed with full belly. What I did? I preferred to work less, sleep more, not eating after 8 o’clock and to be in peace with myself.

  1. More water and the magic parsley shake

Every month starts with a 5-day-detox. I drank the magic shake with parsley, one lemon and water every morning, then stopped for 10 days. Apigenin and myristicin, found in parsley, boost the productivity of one of our liver’s enzymes that detoxes our bodies and burns fats. Try it!

One tricky and healthy thing is to drink a lot of water. For example when you feel really hungry, drink some water half an hour before eating. Even if you still feel hungry, you would more likely eat a lot less after drinking water. Water is used by the body to help flush out toxins. If your body lacks water, your heart and the rest of the organs need to work harder to pump out the oxygenated blood to all cells. I personally drink water around 2 liters per day.



By consuming so much sugar we are not just demonstrating weak willpower and indulging our sweet tooth—we are in fact poisoning ourselves. Whether eating chocolate, fudge or candies, it does not matter. The sugar is sugar and we gain a lot of weight when we eat it. My advice is to try drinking fresh juices and to get sugar from them. Ok, dear! You can put in your mouth one piece of dark chocolate, but not every day.

  1. More fresh and organic food

Frequently I ate vegetables, fruits, chia seeds, oatmeal, soy milk, mozzarella and another kind of cheese, chicken breasts and salmon. Once a week I went to Stop and Shop to stock up. I cooked every morning and prepared my food for the day. Basically, I started the day with a smoothie or some oatmeal with yogurt. For lunch and dinner I ate salad and meat, but the portions were less than these in Bulgaria. Asking why? Because of the fake food.


  1. Wake up your body

Do you agree that sports are a good thing? To be active means to boost your health, brighten your soul, calm your mind, and allow you to do more with your life. Getting fit is pretty simple to understand. You have built the body that you currently have by programing it to adapt to your habits and lifestyle. If you are fluffy and out of shape, you programed your body to be that way. In Provincetown I started the day with jogging or with the classes in the gym. Wednesday was the yoga day, so beautiful to see the ocean when you practice yoga. I continue doing the same routine even now. When you start once you will never stop.


Basically that is it. I cannot believe that I lost so many kilograms. When I came to America in late May I was 54kg. and by the end of the program in September I have reached 48kg. (being tall 164cm.). Like every Taurus the delicious food is really important for me and eating is one of my pleasures. But this time in the USA I did not abused with junk and sweet things. So I can say that I am proud of myself. Not only I did not gain weight, but I came back in Bulgaria looking like a Victoria’s Secret top model (a shorty version 😀 ). Yes, I just did it and I was fit in the USA. You should try too and be persistent.

Summer 2015

For any questions feel free to leave a comment!

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