12/10/2015 from the Greek organisation

Dear Bulgarian participants,

concerning the Greek Organisations that I represent and unfortunately we took part in this project -INARE and SINHURE- I underline two important things as all Portuguese parts play with all of us.

1-The first thing is that there is an internal conflict most probably political’s aspect -between the National Agency of Portugal and CRONOWORLD
2-HOW a National Agency is asking for a legal declaration after refusing at the begining the approval of the realisation of the project and then after our reactions they made an audit etc???
A)We had send all originals tickets and every invoices to CRONOWORLD long time ago more than one year and half, we have only copies of these

B- If we start a COURT petition it will take at least 2-4 years with more expenses each time we had see this story with other countries and no results.We don’t enter in this story, its a problem of the NA of Portugal to resolve the problem immediately and not to ask to the partners to be involve especially involving law procedures knowing that this way is slow and without result

so to answer in your initial questions :1) still we are not reimburse of the fees travel and others for this project
2) we will not sign a legal declaration to follow the Court way not because we don;t want but because we donlt believe to any result via this way

and the NA should ask a letter original one from CRONOWORLD to send to all of us if their part is true, it means that they refused the last audit because I had an information that this audit took place unless if this informaiton is false , so who is telling the througth and who lies still is not clear to us in Greece.
For that reason I think the person in charge from CRONOWORLD must respect our cooperation within all the problems so far and send us an official letter with the througth , if the audit was realised or not , if NA is in charge for this audit because this must be end as soon as possible the times are difficult and all of us we face financial serious problems in our organisations and this gup should be fulfil and close.

Best regards
Athena Veneti



10/06/2015 to Europe direct

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing on behalf of Association “Professional Forum for Education” from Sofia, Bulgaria.
We are partners in a Youth Democracy Project (“Youth in Action” programme, Project name “New Generations, New Policies, New Future”) realized by the Portuguese organization “Cronoworld” (E: miguel.gomes@cronoworld.org; T:+351 211 221 837; F:+351 213 404 575; Avenida da Liberdade, 110,1ºpiso; 1269-046 Lisboa | Portugal).
The final conference of the project was realized in June 2014 in Lisbon. We sent to the conference 15 young people from Bulgaria, and before that we had organized 3 local conferences.
According to the information we had received, we should receive payment from the budget for our expenses for the 3 conferences (we sent invoices to “Cronoworld”) and our participants should receive Youthpass certificates and the 70% reimbursement of their travel costs. We are still waiting for these, it is almost an year after the completion of the project.

We have contacted the NA in Portugal and Gabriela Salgado Coordenadora KA1 e KA3| KA1 and KA3 Manager. We have received dozens of letters of Miguel Gomez, the person that has been “managing” the project and represents the organization “Cronoworld”. He gave us every time new and new deadlines.
There is a big correspondence in a year, our participants are still waiting, they feel all they were lied and they have been asking us for movements. We think, even the Final Report is incomplete our participants have to receive their money. We think the National Agency in Portugal should pay and then the process between the “Cronoworld” and the PT NA can be proceed as long as will take them to find a solution
In the honor of the Program, that we respect, please help us to close down this issue.
Thank you in advance, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Kind regards,


Dear Ms Petrova,
Thank you for informing us of the situation regarding the non-reimbursement of a partner organisation in a Youth Democracy project by the beneficiary.

We will contact the Portuguese National Agency for the Youth field and request that they look into the matter and take the appropriate action.
We hope you find this information useful. Please contact us again if you have other questions.
With kind regards,
EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre
http://europa.eu – your shortcut to the EU!


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