Walk, walk, walk…

Today was my last day of the 30 day challenge with Live to Lift. I am not very happy with the results and the challenge itself but anyways – that’s another topic. What I am happy about is that I realised how good for your physical and mental condition walking is (since part of the challenge was walking 10 000 steps twice per week). So today I decided that it is time for a new challenge.


And why a challenge? Because challenges teach you discipline. What I did not like about the challenge I was part from till today was that it included really food restricted diet, a specific work out program (that required gym) and a certain amount of supplements as well as yoga and of course a certain amount of water intake. When you challenge yourself with so many things that are new for you the chances to fail are much bigger because you are overwhelmed to follow everything and there are to many things to follow and change in a short period of time.


So this is why my  challenge will focus on one thing only for the next 30 days – walking a minimum of 10 000 steps per day. EVERY day! I am using Pedometer app to keep track on the steps and it shows you calories burnt as well. I will post a picture every day on Instagram – with my steps count and with the place where I have walked that day. I really, really hope to have the opportunity to walk at some different countries this month, or at least cities. Why did I choose walking? Because I think this is the best cardio exercise as well as a great way to relax, spend some time with yourself thinking or just listening to some music or even better to an audio book and you can do it everywhere and anytime. Now that is summer there are no excuses accepted (I even bought a rain coat for walking in the rainy days).


Of course, I will be working out as well 3 days per week (or I hope so), drinking at least 2l. of water per day and eat as healthy as I can. I am still not giving up wine. I am going back to the good, old Kayla BBG guide but I will change the Leg’s work out since I have problems with my knees. 


So who is with me? Challenge starts tomorrow – 01/06/2016 and will end on 30/06/2016. You can join me by tagging my Instagram account on your photos or on Facebook.

Let’s do this! Let’s walk this month away! 😉

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