My bucket list

I just booked my  trip to Bali and I thought that I have checked one more thing on my bucket list. Then I realised I have never had one at least one written on paper or on my computer. So I am making it now and I will add up with time. What is yours? 😉

  • Visit the Piano guys concert
  • Go for a work and travel experience alone
  • Go for a trip alone
  • Visit Las Vegas and party like crazy
  • Skydiving
  • Visit Bali
  • Learn how to surf
  • Go to the airport and catch the first plane available
  • Visit Thailand
  • Give a hug to an orangutan
  • Visit Argentina and practice tango with an Argentinian
  • Ski in Aspen 
  • Go to a date with a stranger
  • Sleep in a mixed bedroom in a hostel to completely go out of your comfort zone
  • Go out for a dinner alone in a nice restaurant and order everything you want from the menu plus a great bottle of wine. Eat it and enjoy yourself! 😉
  • Road trip in Italy discovering local restaurant and wineries
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Elephant back ride
  • Visit the carnaval in RIO
  • Go to US open
  • Visit NEW YORK
  • Spend a day in Dubai wearing traditional abaya and burqa pretending I am one of the natives 
  • Visit Paris with a lover
  • Go for a Moulin Rouge show in Paris
  • Go to a Broadway show
  • Go to an opera in Vienna
  • Go on a cruise
  • Visit Vietnam
  • Go to a health and detoxication retreat in an exotic country
  • Visit ST. Marten
  • Sleep in an Indian reserve in the Grand Canyon
  • Live with flatmates
  • Live alone
  • Spend a week sailing on a yacht
  • Be a speaker in front of audience
  • Be on TV
  • Be part of a movie scene
  • Afternoon tea in London
  • Safari in the dessert
  • Sit for an afternoon tea in London

I have a lot more to do but still I am pretty satisfied with all the things that I have managed to already check and here are some photos.

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