Hit the road, taste the life…


      This is not a blog for the places we have filmed, for the countries we have seen or for the tourists we have been.


       This is a blog about the opportunity to  travel, about the opportunity to go out of your comfort zone, the struggles that may come on your way and the beauty to discover new places, meet new people and mostly to build yourself.

I have always wondered:

  • How can I travel more?
  • How can I have more time to do it, more money to fund it and more possibilities to make it an essential part of my life?
  • And if I travel here and there every few months will I be able to have a career, to settle down, to build a family?
  • Am I just wasting time going to a Work and Travel program for 4 months after graduating?
  • Volunteering in Argentina is a nice life changing experience or am I just going to spend money sleeping in a room with 10 more people and working for free for hours instead of going on a cruise for the same price?
  • What about
  • Will it be fun or I can travel to the other end of the world just to find out that the people i am staying with are out of their minds?
  • A professional internship abroad means serving coffee and scrolling through your Facebook  or it is really connected with your future profession?
  • Are the Erasmus+ projects an opportunity to  spend a fun and social week abroad funded by the EU or actually you are spending a week in a conference room listening to people from different countries who most of the time have no idea what they are doing there (because they thought they were going on a vacation for free)?


I have done it all! All the thinking, I mean. And the most valuable answers I have got are of course from people who have already done it themselves.

How are they doing it? What are the opportunities to do it, except being a nomad or a backpacker on a very low budget (which definitely is not my cup of tea), how do they have enough money to travel so much? Is travelling part of their job and what job is it, did they give it up and just hit the road…

In this blog I want to share my experience  and the experience of other travellers as well. How do we do it? What kind of programs, jobs and opportunities are out there for the people who want to see the world not sitting in front of the TV on their couch, but stepping out there. What are the pros and cons of this opportunities? And mostly the cons, because for the pros there is a lot being said out there. I already have a lot to share…

At the end of the journey you look back and you see mostly the good things. It all looks nice because you have already done it, you have overcome all the struggles, survived all the things and got confidence in yourself. Here we want to look deeper back and to share the hard moments in the journey as well. For those who will follow, to know.


No sugar coating – just real life, real movida… 


Contact me if you have something to share!

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