Fit me in the USA

Basically that is it. I cannot believe that I lost so many kilograms. When I came to America in late May I was 54kg. and by the end of the program in September I have reached 48kg. (being tall 164cm.). Like every Taurus the delicious food is really important for me and eating is one of my pleasures. But this time in the USA I did not abused with junk and sweet things. So I can say that I am proud of myself. Not only I did not gain weight, but I came back in Bulgaria looking like a Victoria’s Secret top model (a shorty version 😀 ). Yes, I just did it and I was fit in the USA. You should try too and be persistent. … More Fit me in the USA

7 lessons I learned from my love story with India

“My advice:
Take a break from your busy way of living – you will have the time to make the big money and the amazing careers. Take the money, the time, the risk to live abroad and explore… go on a traineeship in a kingdom of far far away… meet the people and experience their way of living(it is not the same if you go on a vacation or a three day conference)… do it while you are still young and ready to take challanges… and maybe after 20 years you will be glad that you read this long e-mail…” … More 7 lessons I learned from my love story with India

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.

This is not right and yes – you are far from home, this is a totally different world, you are on your own, probably you do not have money, you do not know anyone and you do not trust anyone. You think you do not have any other options and maybe you are wrong, but this is not true. You always have options, you always should stay true to yourself and you should always respect yourself and the people around you. … More Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.