For all the work and travellers out there! Part 2.

So, trust me it is much better to pay the extra 2 dollars for a salad or some fish, fruits and nuts, then to spend them for personal trainers and gyms back in your country where you will be fighting with weight gain, depression and the existential question: “Who am I actually and what to do with my life?” It is not impossible! What is more it is even possible to come back even in a better shape. … More For all the work and travellers out there! Part 2.

For all the work and travellers out there!Part1.

How will you spend your summer in the US depends only on you. Well, let’s say mainly on you and mostly on the place where you choose to go. America is a continent and each state is like a different country. So you can not generalise what America is like, because it may be the most glamorous and funniest place if you are in NY, SF, LA, FL or not that glamorous and funny if you are in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of cowboys and cows. … More For all the work and travellers out there!Part1.

Fit me in the USA

Basically that is it. I cannot believe that I lost so many kilograms. When I came to America in late May I was 54kg. and by the end of the program in September I have reached 48kg. (being tall 164cm.). Like every Taurus the delicious food is really important for me and eating is one of my pleasures. But this time in the USA I did not abused with junk and sweet things. So I can say that I am proud of myself. Not only I did not gain weight, but I came back in Bulgaria looking like a Victoria’s Secret top model (a shorty version 😀 ). Yes, I just did it and I was fit in the USA. You should try too and be persistent. … More Fit me in the USA